Worship Services and Holy Communion

Worship and Sunday School – Sunday's at 10:30 am
    Our Divine Service normally includes the Lord's Supper* and
    follows one of the Divine Services (or a variation of it) from the
    Lutheran Service Book. (*See Communion Policy below)
*Communion Policy:
    The Lord's Supper is reserved for those who are Communicant
    Members of this congregation or one in fellowship with it and have
    announced their intention to receive the Lord's Supper to the
    officiating Pastor before the service. Visitors who wish to commune
    are encouraged to call the Pastor at 416-921-9417. Others who
    present themselves before the altar will receive a blessing instead.

Communicant Membership:
    We desire to warmly welcome everyone into communicant
    fellowship. This fellowship is on the basis of a common confession of
    faith. To explore the Evangelical Lutheran confession of this
    congregation, we invite you to join a Bible class with our Pastor. For
    further information please call the church at 416-921-9417.