What are Lutherans...?
Are they Christian?
Yes! Because a Christian is one who trusts in Jesus the Christ for his/her salvation.
It is trusting in His promises that
all sins are forgiven, death conquered, and Satan defeated,
through Jesus Christ's own death and resurrection on our behalf.

Can you hear God's voice? Does God speak to us today?
While we will probably not actually "hear" God's voice (like the prophets and apostles in the Bible), God does
indeed speak to us in the most real sense! The voice that you will hear is the pastor's voice because he has
been commissioned by Jesus, through the church, to speak on His behalf. Therefore at church, you will hear
Jesus say to you (through the pastor) "
I forgive you all your sins", "I baptize (wash) you", "This is my body and
blood given and shed
for you for the forgiveness of sins." It's nothing magical, but simply God speaking to us
in the most direct way.
And even when the pastor is not around, the Bible is God's own word to us. It is His love letter to us, telling us
how much He loves and cares for us that He willingly offers His own Son. The Bible is all about Jesus, who is
the Word of God, telling us how much He wants to give us life and salvation that He would willingly suffer and
die for us. Finally, through the "Word", the Holy Spirit gives us faith to believe all these wonderful promises.
Therefore if you are reading this, you are encouraged to find a church near you where you can hear the word
God every Sunday.
The link below lists all the Lutheran Church Canada (LCC) congregations in the East District. If you can't find
one, feel free to send an email and we will be more than happy to help you find a church near you.

THE Christmas present = Christ is present
How many of us can remember all the Christmas presents we have ever received and how many of us still has
them? Things do indeed change and fade away over time but there is 1 that does not change nor fade away.
According to the prophecy of Isaiah 7:14, a sign will be given that a virgin will conceive a son and his name
will be "Immanuel" (which means
God with us). This prophecy has been fulfilled as St. Matthew writes
concerning the birth of Jesus through Mary (Matthew 1).
God is indeed with us by first taking on human flesh and ultimately identifying with our weaknesses and sins,
he died in our place, that we might not die eternally.
Perhaps we may not "feel" God's presence all the time, but through faith, we believe that he is with us,
especially in his own words and promises (Bible) and also in his Sacraments (Holy Communion and
Baptism). For it is in these earthly things that he promised to be with us.
Finally, when he comes again, all doubts will cease and gladness abounds for then he will be with us forever
(Revelation 7).

Will there be any man-made things in heaven?
The only man-made things in heaven are Jesus' wounds (his nailed hands/feet and his pierced side). So what
does this mean for you and me? It means that just as Jesus is raised bodily from death to life, so also all
people will be raised bodily (not just some kind of spirits floating around). But it's more than that. It also means
that those who believe in Jesus will also be raided in glorified bodies (1 Corinthians 15:42-43; Philippians
3:21; Colossians 3:4).
We aren't exactly sure if our bodies will retain our present deformities (as Jesus retains those wounds), but we
know that we will be covered, no longer naked as Adam and Eve (Revelation 7:13). Even now, we are
covered before God, not with our righteousness and good deeds, but with Christ and his righteousness
(Galatians 3:27; Isaiah 61:10). With that as a present reality, we look forward to that day when we will receive
that glorified bodies with all the saints.

Who is the GREATEST SINNER who ever lived?
Answer: Jesus the Christ.
He is not only a sinner, but the greatest one by virtue of his death on the cross.
His death was not for his own, but for the sins of the
whole world, including mine, and yours.
There, on the cross, he became the worst murderer, liar, adulterer, blasphemer, thief, etc.
He became all these on
our behalf, by bearing the sins of the world upon his shoulders.
What then becomes of our sins?
They are still here with us, but the consequence have been removed, or given to Jesus instead.
This is what it means to be
forgiven, that we no longer need to pay for our sins, because Jesus paid it in full
on the cross.

If Heaven really exists, are you good enough to get there?
Pastor's answer: NO, I am NOT good enough. I am a sinner. I have broken all 10 commandments. BUT, I will
go to heaven because Jesus is the one who saves.
What I
did not and could not do, Jesus did it for me.
Though I am a 100% sinner, I am also a 100% saint (at the same time) through Jesus.

Have you ever wondered what heaven is like?
Do you know where it is?
Heaven is not "somewhere up there", but it is where Jesus is.
As such, he has promised to be present with us when we are gathered in His name.
He also promised that He is with us in bread and wine (Holy Communion).
Heaven is already here as Jesus comes to "
serve" us.
Therefore, we invite you to Sunday "s
where Jesus meets us in the preached
and the Sacrament of His Body and Blood*